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sulli’s red light teaser pics

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JYJ is returning with a bang. 

C-JeS Entertainment announced, “JYJ’s brand commercial began airing on July 21. This commercial has been scheduled to air during the ‘golden hours’ on each of the major channels and we have invested 1 billion won for it to be aired for the next three weeks with the same frequency as the other major companies’ commercials. Fans have been responding enthusiastically since the commercial began airing.”

The commercial production team stated, “The JYJ members have carried out individual activities in the last four years, climbing to the top in their careers through dramas, movies, musicals and solo albums. We wanted to express their passion and individuality as well as the synergy effect that they show when they’re together.”

C-JeS Entertainment rep stated, “This commercial is not a commercial to promote JYJ’s album or tour but to spread JYJ’s name as a brand. We will periodically produce commercials to spread the ability and image of JYJ as artists. This kind of artist brand commercial has never before seen in the entertainment industry and we believe it will be able to open a new prospect in the entertainment marketing.” 

Check out the commercial here!

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when you smile, sun shines ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ ©

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snowing appreciation week | day 5

favourite family moment(s)

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chanyeol wrapping his arm around baekhyun when the music said “dream girl (◡_◡ )

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